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Be a Volunteer in Kyoto


Volunteering with JCN not only allows you to do something to save the lives and reduce the suffering of Japan’s stray and abandoned animals, but you can also be part of a great group of people. This house in Kyoto was created as a way to help support animal rescue assistance in Japan.

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Susan Roberts

Kyoto Founder

The Volunteer work is split into three main functions

* 5 hours a day, 5 days a week based on the needs of the weekly schedule. Flexibility is required.
Due to the nature of the volunteer work, we require a 3 week minimum time commitment. We also welcome enquires from workawayers looking for longer placements, who might want to spend a few months or more in Kyoto. We very much welcome couples as volunteers but you must be flexible and aware that you may be working different shift patterns to each other. You will, however, have your days off together.
Guesthouses Maintenance
Volunteers live in a small machiya, in a traditional Japanese neighborhood. The volunteer house is located in Uzumasa, about a 15 walk south from the Myoshin-ji Temple. The neighborhood is beautiful and old. We are very lucky to be able to house foreigners in the neighborhood, and must be very respectful of the community space/customs here.
School Volunteering
We recently moved into a much larger volunteer house and so we now house all volunteers within one place, which is great for communal cooking and film watching. There are 8 beds split across two rooms. Wifi, bikes, laundry, shower/bath, basic toiletries, towels and bedding all provided.
Special Projects
Want to be a Volunteer ? 
Please check our Workaway profil if you want to know more about us. 
Please be sure to read it and consider this carefully before applying. We hope to hear from you very soon 🙂